About Us

AE Global Media is a world leader in audio, video, acoustic and lighting technology applications. We design and build technology systems for major facilities such as churches, entertainment, education and sporting venues. We also design, develop and produce events including concerts, touring, seminars, sports, corporate and product launch events that perform with unrivaled excellence. With the creative use of AVL technology, we can effectively deliver our client’s presentation & performance goals while communicating their message with maximum impact.

With our leading edge in design/build AVL technology, we have completed thousands of projects and venues worldwide, and successfully delivered innovative new construction and renovation projects. Our entire team continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology by developing innovative ways to deliver high-level AVL technology systems. We not only understand this technology, we live it every day.

For every event, pure sound, incredible lighting and engaging video is essential to successfully immerse your audience into the essence of the experience and the power of your message. 
AE Global Media delivers.

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