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AE Production has enjoyed a rich history as a Master Audio, Video, Lighting, Acoustic, and Broadcast/Webcast design/build company.   The AE team delivers cutting edge technology in corporate event production planning, venue design, engineering, acoustics, volunteer training, technical support, and event & tour management services.  


The minute details and nuances present when planning and producing an event are limitless and potentially a very stressful time for the event team.  Just organizing and promoting the event is a huge undertaking, but throw in the technology issues, whether a local, regional or global event, and there can be issues.  That’s where working with the right technology partner is paramount to a successful event.


The design and engineering team at AE has many years of experience in the construction and the re-mastering of an existing venue to attain the near perfect presentation of acoustics, voice, music and visual. Video, music and accompanying lighting should be delivered in a profoundly moving way in every performance.


We will help your team create, engineer/build and deliver the maximum performance level possible for each event in which we partner.

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