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AE Global Media is a world leader in audio, video, acoustic and lighting technology applications.

We design and build presentation technology systems for facilities, entertainment & sporting venues/events, corporate events, and develop professional production. With the creative use of innovative AVL technology, we can effectively deliver your presentation & performance goals while communicating your message with maximum impact.

We have created many of the AVL technologies being implemented in facilities around the world today. Our entire team continues to use the newest of cutting-edge technology by developing … creative ways to deliver professional-level AVL technology systems. We not only understand this technology, we live it every day. And with a clear vision of how to provide you with cutting-edge production and performance tools, AE Global Media has become an international leader in AVL technology systems design and implementation.

There is no substitute for years of experience in the live production and presentation environment.

With over 20 years of success in creating AVL systems for conventions, conferences, meetings and events, we will deliver a unique, yet precise solution. AE's highly skilled and trained engineers can design, build, mix and produce it with amazing results. We also offer in house technology training so that select members of your team can effectively present when needed.

Whether it is upgrading your facility’s AVL technology for in-house presentations and every day communications, or developing mobile solution technology for taking your message on the road, AEGM provides innovative AVL communication solutions that present your message with impact and a clear direction for maximum results. It is all about presentation.

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We specialize in providing a visual and audio experience that your particular group will remember long after it happens.

We know that whether it’s creating a meeting space or a select event, it all begins with the acoustics and how it will impact an audience. We understand that nothing is better than a well-tuned sound system. It's not about how loud it is, it's about how precise and clear it actually sounds.

We are dedicated and determined to deliver your message in the best format possible whether in a permanent facility, temporary venue, outdoors or on a ship at sea, we will make best use of and improve the acoustic situation based on our years of experience in every format imaginable.

Steps to determining how acoustics will impact the audience:

  • Analyze the room acoustics based on the provided drawings and materials specifications.
  • Recommendations concerning room construction material changes and layout changes to help minimize reflections, decay time, and standing waves.
  • Design an acoustical environment to help minimize reflections, decay time, and standing waves.
  • Provide calculation results, rooms mapping statistics, and diagrams to support and clarify our analysis and recommendations.
  • Recommendation of standard best design practices for the mechanical systems to help reduce mechanical and acoustical noise generated by these systems.

Whether you’re building a new facility or redoing an existing one, our team will meet with you and your development team to create the AVL and acoustic plan from inception to the beginning of construction.

Our design and engineering team has years of experience in new construction, the re-mastering of an existing venue, and the structural planning for an event anywhere in the world to attain the near perfect presentation of sound, light, video and performance.

We will develop a design/build master plan with a strategic number of distinct phases in order to achieve your desired result while maintaining necessary budget goals. As we develop this AVL master plan design, it will be customized for your presentation functions in the present and completed with plans for future expansion.

Our goal is to deliver proper and safe equipment installation, which is arguably the most important part of any project or production event.

We take care of even the smallest details such as, making sure the job site and the overall environment is secure, dry and relatively dust-free after all the other trades’ work has been completed.

Our technicians finalize and approve, with full testing so any problems identified can be eliminated. AEGM offers training on the various technology systems with personal hands-on time being scheduled with our team of trainers. We test all microphone and line inputs/outputs for reliability, then cameras and all video components are tested and balanced with final sound check, lighting focus, and video adjustments made along with any editing and webcast systems.

We continuously safety-check our construction and rigging, use appropriate and tested anchors and supports and do what it takes to make your event successful and safe. Our team can provide you excellence no matter what level you choose.


We are more than a technology vendor--we strive to be a full design partner.

As with any project, the initial phase takes the combined effort of the client and the expert consultant as they develop the intricate nuances of the project. Once on board, we will be there for every phase of the project as a team member, not just a vendor.

Through the beginning developmental stages, we have experience dealing with all aspects of completing a project. From creating a conceptual design, engineering, meeting with internal teams to explain the process, information needed for funding, planning and permitting, construction management, training and final delivery, we are available for consulting on all levels.