Live Events
With our leading edge in design/build acoustic and AVL technology, we have engineered, designed, and created many of the AVL technology for venues worldwide.

Today, entertainment and sports is all about communicating with people in way that will elicit a response... both good and bad... and keep them coming back for more.

As communication technology has extended an event's reach from just a local event to global with the touch of a button... both the entertainment and sports industries have found a urgent need to produce the highest quality productions possible. The design and application of these new technologies empowers both entertainment and sporting events to grow and impact viewers both at the event and through broadcast/streaming technologies around the world.

As technology also expands our capabilities and changes the way we communicate, at AEGM we believe that entertainment and sporting venues and events need to align themselves strategically with partners who demonstrate the same level of excellence and commitment.

With our leading edge in design/build acoustic and AVL technology, we have engineered, designed, and created many of the AVL technology for venues worldwide, and successfully delivered innovative audio, lighting and video that showcase the talent in the best way available. We share that vision.

One of the ways we have distinguished ourselves within the industry is by utilizing “hands on” design method.

As we develop an AVL master plan design, it will be customized for the way the venue or event functions in the present and completed with plans for future expansion. This will play a role in maintaining reasonable budgets for expansion…without starting from scratch each time you upgrade your system needs.

We take into account the architectural features of the venue and the natural elements surrounding an event location before any AVL master plan is started. We set our sights on providing your team with the tools needed to provide the ultimate entertainment or sports production possible whether in a permanent venue or “on the road”.


A venue-based event presents challenges based on factors such as architectural design, acoustics, safety & fire issues, seating arrangement, house equipment available, artists’ tour rider needs and many others.

Our team has worked with many venues around the world, and has encountered many of these factors in their pursuit of the “perfect event production” and has the experience to find a solution to any issue. We advocate the creation of a master plan for each event or project covering many of the often-overlooked details that our clients need for a successful event.

With any event, be it tour-based, road or outdoors, there are even more of those small details that can trip a production before it takes place. AVL and acoustic technology reacts differently to outdoors and arena type conditions. Your chosen venue and the touring artist or team will both have their own AVL requirements and can pull at each other for control. At AEGM, as your technology partner, we bridge that gap and provide a communication sanity at the event that will again allow you to manage the event…not the issues of technology.

Whether you’re creating an event in an existing venue or staging one outdoors, our team will meet with you and your development team to create the acoustic and AVL technology master plan that will meet all engineering and safety code requirements.

Our focus is to prioritize the technology systems based on the location of the event and the mechanical and electronic needs.

As a design/build group, we insure that from rigging and weight loads, to power, conduit and other factors, everyone involved with the project understands the communication and production technologies that will be applied to the project. Performance and mechanical acoustics are a priority for our engineering design team…and engineering acoustics and performance environments are our specialty.


With years of event experience, our team works closely with clients and venues worldwide, to develop superior AVL staging technology systems that will accomplish the desired performance.

And so, we painstakingly identify and address every detail when it comes to planning, design and what happens during the crucial installation phase of the project. From concept to design we follow the architectural focus of the building or the natural surroundings of an outdoor venue when it comes to the placement and visibility of all AVL equipment. In essence, we pay strict attention to the architectural boundaries and integrity of your venue when it comes to installing the staging equipment.

Our goal is to provide proper and safe equipment installation to code, which is arguably the most important part of any staging project. In most venues, after all designs are completed, and the equipment has arrived on-site, the installation of the technology systems will begin. We pay attention to even the smallest details such as, making sure the job site and the overall environment is secure, dry and relatively clean after all the other trades’ work has been completed. Small details such as this can add years of life to sensitive equipment and a better performance quality.

During the installation phase, we will meet with your team as well as all trades that have impact on the technology systems. This insures they fully understand your planned performance goals. Our main focus during AVL staging installation is to insure all the contractors working on-site are on the same page.

As we have grown in the industry for last 20 plus years as a world leader in audio, video, acoustic and lighting technology applications, we have established and built relationships with some of the leading AVL manufacturers in the industry.

As a leading dealer and beta-test/design partner for the worlds leading manufactures, we have gained preferred status for equipment acquisition for our clients as well as a complete warehouse facility with AEGM in house staging and production equipment.

Therefore, we are able to provide this gear not only for our clients, but also for partner groups and event producers nationwide. Our multiple unit purchasing power saves our clients money on their projects and allows us to provide rental equipment to those event producers with immediate and future needs.


We have helped many groups create and develop touring events from faith-based events to rock concerts to motivational and corporate meetings to product & brand launches.

Regardless of the type of tour event, every client wants the same thing…”amazing, over-the-top sound, lighting and video.” We not only understand the specialized technology needed to produce these tours, we live it every day.

There are a huge number of logistical details involved in developing the AVL technology needed for any tour event. We have partnered with clients at every imaginable level from simply renting the equipment needed for the tour, to being involved in the pre-planning stage for the entire tour event. Once the event is launched, there are also many levels of involvement in which our team can assist such as shipping and equipment transportation logistics, staging & rigging construction, artist rider fulfillment, sound, lighting and video checks, permits, stage & performance security and any other function needed.